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Resource Provider Application

  1. A website you own must have a link to our site.
  2. The main page of your site must have a Google page rank of 1 or greater. You may check your Google page rank by installing the Google Toolbar.
  3. Your links page must be useful.
  4. Your site must be designed to where your links page will be able to obtain a goggle page rank.
  5. The page that contains the link to our site must be no more than 3 clicks away from your home page.
  6. The page that contains the link to our site must have no more than 30 outgoing links.


Step 1

Add the following link to your site.

Site Name:
Cheap Domain Hosting

Site URL:

Cheap domain hosting provider with cheap domain hosting packages and 24/7 technical support. Cheap domain hosting packages start at $0.95 and include 100's of features.

Step 2

Submit the form below only after you have added the link shown in step 1.

"; } else { echo " Error - The verification code is incorrect. Please try again.
"; } } ?>

Your Name
E-mail Address
Your Site Title
Your Site URL http://
Your Site Description
URL That Contains
Link Back To Our Site

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